Saturday, June 5, 2010

the good the cute and the WTF--ads!!!

Staying on the tidbits part till the d-day is here, i found more ads. Some good, some ok and one which completely blew me away. I don't think i have ever come across an ad that fucked with my mind this much. what is the point of the ad, that david buckram is not a killer, snoop dog needs money since his singing is not going well and resorts to signing up for any ads. Maybe its a secret code that Beards are not lucky and can cause death or jail time * cough Casillas cough*.

I do however love the roger milla ad, the celebrations for the world cup are always amazing to watch, anyone remember the chinese bow arrow shoot, that was one of my fav's.  I adore this ad for it  really does show that soccer  does teach you to live.

This last ad my bro made me post it, i do like it however the game is a whole another issues, while my friends and brothers are obsessed and i do mean Obsessed with the game, i suck at it and hence don't like it, but that never stops me from yelling and cheering if a team or player i like is played with hehehe... so here you go FIFA 10 wohooo

Thoughts in my head
--- Wtf if you know what the adiddas ad means please do tell
--- Roger milla <3 and yay for celebrations
--- The great thing about FiFA was that even kenya could beat a team :P

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bring on the ADS!!!!

One thing that i love in the world cup build up is the ads that are shot for it... nike and addidas ofcourse being the main ones get the icing but the little ads and the censored ones lol do deserve jelly... one of the ones that i came across recently was a rooney ad with the one and only insane James Corden. The ad is brilliant as are all his ads, however what is shocking to me is how much i am appreciating chewbacca of soccer in the the ads he features, my favourite part in the nike ad was him. So lets get our toasts out to more laughs on his behalf.

Thoughts in my head:
--- ewww everytime i see the nike ad i gag... as if canna can ever make a save like that in his dreams...though they did get the setting of him right, that is definitely the strip club he made his beginnings at.
---- LOL rooney :)
---- fav ad is still owen in your closet!

8 days to WORLD CUP!!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Its a bird, its a plane no its some ones world cup kinky fantasy -Super Torres

What person doesn't want to be saved by a superhero and one that plays footy mmmmmm, hence people lets present  Supertorres!  He’s the first superhero of the Superdeportistas (super athletes) series that will try to win the World Cup, AND save the world at the same time.  In the story, Fernando Torres and the Emperor’s Consulel niƱo and friends are about to be eaten by lions in the Coliseum of Rome when Fernando kicks a ball that he just happened to have (lucky, huh?) that distracts the lion, and thus earns the emperor’s favour.

Thoughts in my head
-- they should make a movie lol torres in a tight superman outfit mmmmm <3
-- Umm how is he saving spain if he is in ancient Rome
-- His sidekick should be Ramos :) and they should have an episode where they uncover cannas gay bar , the artists should visit canna's bar to get the real deal in the comic ;)
15 more days ppl :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

world cup murals (15 more days!!!!!!)

YAY its the world cup again, and fear not i have a lot of rants for this world cup however lets just leave this post to stare at the pretty pics :)
Wieden + Kennedy New York tapped Capetown artists Am I Collective to create 32 murals, each one paying homage to an international soccer star, as part of its integrated effort promoting ESPN's comprehensive coverage of the 2010 World Cup.

The murals take inspiration from African street signage and movie posters, and also contain symbolic Easter Eggs for fans to discover.

The art will be featured in more components of the fully integrated campaign and on the ESPN World Cup site."

Thoughts in my head

-- amazing idea and just as amazing murals
-- favs for me are spain, us and cameroon.
-- stop posting before bawling my eyes out for owen :(

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

por queeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-Return of the Crazy Ramos fangirls

     Oh Sergio, finally he stopped wearing weird and illegal shorts, pants, jackets and his mom's clothes. He substituted them for the best thing: nothing ;). Good to know he can hear my pleas. The video bothers me since it questions my insanity for him now, i mean as much i love watching him strip tease here (admit it you all were happy to see him do that) and i would kill to get his shorts i dont know if burying my face in someone's buttsweat is what i would do. So now knowing i wont faint nor bury my face in sweaty shorts i think i feel cheated to being normal. Oh are we seeing the resurrection of the Borat swimsuit wannabe crotch black tape he once had on , now at his shoulder??? I do hope its not the same piece :P.
     After seeing the video and lets face it i am a predator like stalker of  Ramos so i have seen it more than 50 times now and much as i would love to have said that the focal point in this video was naked sergio and i cant. To me it was why the hell are prisoners interviewing him and clearly since they are deprived they want to find fellow comrades who are sex deprived and ask sergio if with all the club stuff he had time to make love (!) and he said:

"That's a good question. [smile] Well look, I think there's time for everything, no? I think- always with, with the person you love"
("Esa es buena pregunta. Pues mira, yo creo que hay tiempo para todo, ¿no? Yo creo que... siempre con, con quien se ama.")
I mean with all the crazy insane fans of his, the other players gfs he did (not only cristiano but also Guti and Ramos dated/banged/whatever the same girl, clearly they can play as team there but not in games, i guess sharing is caring) , we had to turn to prisoners to ask him fucked up questions?

Oh and kudos to the nuns in the video!!!! amen to fanatics!!! See soccer does  unite all.

thoughts in my head
Sergio is growing into a fine ass  :P
Somewhere the original sergio crazy fan girl( look at the damn crazy ramos fan post) is still screaming por queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LOL
Owen scored YAY !!!
So with what sergio answered does he mean he is seeing someone( must locate and kill)
Is it just me that finds it weird that some guy did the same thing with becks shorts ... ewww buttsweat

Hala Madrid :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is a  random video that i was sent about real players singing some of the fans songs during games as a tribute to the fans.. such a cute video and they looked like they had so much fun doing it. I wonder why some players got cut i mean ofcourse no one can sing as amazingly as Ramos here but they do have voice mixers and enhancers these days :P... And i was soo blown away by guti , he plays the cute :)... for a man who has such anger management re- pick poppies interview i guess this is therapy lol.

Thoughts in my head
raul should be in GQ
Iker's beard should be illegal
Ramos should be in my bed

Hala Madrid :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

RIP -Paulo: To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die

To think that my post after so long would have to be one that one wishes they never have to write. Paulo is an example of the quote in blade runner: The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly. His grit and his calm always made you think that things will turn out for the better. I may never meet such a harsh critic for Real Madrid who when cut bled madrid. I feel very happy that i met such a wonderful person. Even his rivals fell for him, his cool and his diplomatic ways were respected by all. I could go on to give analogy after analogy on his amazing personality, quote after quote on his wit and humor. Even though he has left us and gone to get the best seats to watch Real play his footprints in the hearts he encountered will always keep him alive. Oh man how i wish this praise was for your wedding toast!! It is as Emily Dickinson said

That others could exist
While he must finish quite,
A jealousy for him arose
So nearly infinite.

Hala Madrid my friend and thank you for all the memories you have en richened my soul with.

thoughts in my head
---- He banged a pornstar yet acted and talked like Jesus.
---- Paulo may you always be the same wherever you go.